Wednesday, June 07, 2006

...and the auction begins.

Project: Send the Howell's to Family Camp is underway. I posted the Chaplain on ebay tonight, and got a starting bid within the first half-hour. Granted, the starting bid was only $1, but it's a start. Now, if I can get it to go up by $1 per hour for ten days, everything will be set for camp.

I really like the way the gem on his chest turned out. The light sourcing on the eyes is effective, too. I was afraid it would be either invisible or way too bright.

Also on the plus side, I found out how to set my camera for bulb-condition white balance. I'm getting better at the photo game, but there's still an indistinct quality to my pics that I can't explain. When Mark brings over his mother's new camera I'll be able to find out if it's just my camera, which is 5 years old now.

So go bid on ebay auction 8824046297 !! Now! (I know this blog is read by hundred of 40k players. I just know it.)

...and just so that nobody forgets, these things are really small.

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