Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Hobby Group Update: Servo Arms, Armor and Nid Wins

Seth, Jimmy, and Mike came over to hobby last night.  Seth wasn't in the painting mood so I got out Space Hulk and we played mission one a couple times.  Nids always won.
Jimmy, crushed by the "scrot-a-saurus" comment from last week's blog, finally took all of our advice and added armor plating.  It helped that I gave him a sheet of plasticard and a paper cutter to use.
Mike wanted to show off his Iron Warriors models, complete with servo arms.  The one on the left is converted with a nifty shield, but the black priming sucks all the light out of the photo.
Meanwhile, Stef and Mimi watched "Wire in the Blood" and discussed the portrayal of various religions in film/TV.  Mimi doesn't think witches are getting a fair shake.

And me?  I haven't done anything of note lately.  I've been working on a coding project, but it makes for boring blog posting.  (What?  You want to talk about SQL queries?  You are a sicko.)


  1. Now I hear ya! It's starting to look like dinoriders (google it if you don't remember the 80's cartoons) but still fall better than the eyesore path that model was heading to. Hope to see it finished in a near future.

    The chaos guys look nice, they remember me those old conversions Andy Chambers used to make so long ago. Would be interesting to see closeups :)

    Shame on you those space hulk minis aren't painted to enhace the experience! wait...shame on me that I haven't even assembled them all nor played a single game since it was released!

    So... Nids are unbalanced in the latest version of the game? have to try it yet...

  2. The only shake witches should get is a shake of a burning stick at their vital parts! Yada yada heretics yada burn the witch yada ave imperator.

  3. So how do I get my hands on a servo-arm pack like those? What are you guys using for the arm itself?

  4. @Gyro, I think those might be arms from MageKnight figs. I'll ask next week.


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