Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekly Hobby Group: Kroot-a-saurus, Zombie Fish and Bad Pants

Who can resist a title like that?

Jimmy and I hobbied it up on Thursday.  Chips flew.  Glue dripped.  Paint was applied.

First up, Kroot-a-saurus got some work.  Jimmy (aka "King Kitbash") started with some head enhancements and went on to trying to make some armor.  It was supposed to look like giant turtle shell pieces bolted to the side, but it never quite got there.

Next up, Jimmy brought the zombie fish bowl he's been working on for his roommate's belated Christmas present.  I helped him by painting the tombstone last week, and he brought it over to show me the finished product.

Hive Fleet Emervac's hormagaunts got some more attention.  I'm probably one serious night away from finishing this unit.

And lastly, Tristan's Harlequin got some pants.  I am decidedly unhappy with the consistency of the yellow.... so chalky.  The plan is to go over it a few more times to try and smooth the color, then shore up the borders with more purple so that the lines are sharp.  Maybe I'll blackline around them...


  1. Those hormies are looking good. Do you actually store them in that paint tray, or is that just where you put them while you're painting them?

  2. @Warhammer39999, I have a couple of those trays I use for WIP transporting between my basement office and where I paint. It's a fairly safe way to carry a couple dozen models without them rubbing against each other.

    I don't store finished models in it, although I had considered it when I bought them. The holes might work for an AoBR marine, but not much else.

  3. Thanks. I thought perhaps you'd discovered a secret method of transporting minis on the cheap!

  4. I use magnetized bases and dollar-store cookie sheets for my "on the cheap" transport. The only problem there is when you drop the cookie sheet. Affected models scatter 8d6 in every direction.

  5. The star-foam tray is pretty handy too, I got a few of these as a gift from my friend and he was dead on when he answered my question.

    "What do I do with these?"

    "Put minis in them."

    I havnt used anything else since then.

    After this post, All I can think about now is this.

    put some lascannons on the kroot-saurus' head!

  6. Krott-a-Saurus is looking hot!

  7. Yellow doesn't look that bad to me. I've had some issues with chalkiness that I believe has to do with how dry it's been. Some of my brushes have even been affected.

    Regardless I am REALLY loving the colour scheme - the fancy pants are awesome!

  8. I was really looking forward your friend's krootasaurus till I saw that king sized scrotum tissue all over its back.

    Now I hope not to see the nightmarish Scrot-a-saurus ever again unless it regains its KROOT status again.

    I really meant it, maybe it's just my deviant mind but man, what a trip!

  9. @Javi, lol I will share that with him. Maybe he'll drop the "armor."


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