Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Hello? The Winner?

So the winner of the random-painted-mini-follower-contest type thing hasn't responded, and it's been more than a week.  It isn't anyone whose name I recognize, so I don't even know if that person is real or a puppet account.

Anyway, if I don't get a response on or before this coming Tuesday (4/12) I will  pick another winner randomly.  If you are a regular follower but not a "google-friend-connect magical space robot follower" then let me know and I will add you to the choose-o-matic list.  I will also re-generate the list from google friend connect as well, so if you became a follower between the last drawing and now you will have a shot at winning.

While you're here, take a look at that phone.  Remember the sound dialing used to make, or the satisfying impact of your finger on that metal stopper?  And the phone company charged extra for touch tone?  Yeah, now I dial by touch screen or just think the name of the person really loud.  Progress.


  1. Regular lurker here, but probably not on your lists.

  2. Personally, I miss the "thhhhftttt pt pt pt pt" sound of that phone more than the finger impact.

  3. I always liked the sound but would consistently slam my finger on the stop. Ah to be young again.

  4. Oh but I sooo hated numbers with zero in them.

  5. lmao, at 1st I thought it had something to do with crystal brush competition winner haha!

    Well teh internets is like this. Say something is free and shitloads of people jump in. People that most likely aren't usually arround the given site or won't come back after the giveaway.

    BTW I'm about to try your recipe for shiny yellowish gold but cant get brass balls (P3 I think) The only brass I got avaliable at the moment are the old metallics from citadel (The ones with soft plastic bottles) and by its looks won't work as it's too reddy... maybe I should buy brass from vallejo (avaliable at my local store) and that would do the trick. Also, being a guy from the 80s-90s don't have a clue about what devian mud is (despite lots of people mention it all the time) I bet a dark brown wash would do too.


  6. @Javi: oddly, the person who "won" was one of the first few subscribers I had. The announcement of the pending giveaway increased my followers count by maybe 5%.

    I think the citadel brass might work if mixed with a little of the burnished gold (that's the light gold, right?) Devlan Mud is a dark brown "wash" that acts as both a wash and a glaze. It's a lot more viscous than the old brown ink. I'm guessing thinned out varnish + brown ink would give much the same result.

    @Spyrle: I know! I was always so impatient with those. For some reason I did enjoy dialing numbers using nothing but the zero hole. If you just released the dial at the right spot you could dial any other number.

  7. @Javi... whoops, I meant shining gold not burnished gold. It should have been obvious from the name I suppose.

  8. 5% ? wow... I should give away something personal too @ my blog, maybe some underwear will do. That will come already "painted" of course :D

    ...and speaking of devian mud (pun intended)thanks for the advice, that thing sounds like a high density version of vallejo's "smoke".

    I should break my not-buying GW spree (it lasted over a decade now) and give that paint a go as I've been mixing varnish and inks lately..

  9. You know I got a new phone number...right?


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