Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Growth Over Time

It is an interesting phenomenon that when a certain character is illustrated over a long period of time, certain aspects of illustration will get enlarged.

Take, for instance, Bloom County's Opus the Penguin.
I won't begin to speculate why the nose gets bigger over time.  Smarter people than me have probably done all the analysis ever needed on that subject.

After seeing the post on MWC with associated artwork, it occurs to me that Marneus Calgar's armor has gone through much the same tranformation.
Okay, so maybe the later version is supposed to be him in his special terminator armor... I dunno.  The one on the left looks merely anatomically impossible.  The one on the right looks like Dreadknight Jr., and has notably fewer dinosaurs.  Would you turn in your leopard skin cloak and dinosaur attendants in exchange for very cold lighting and giant armor?  Well, would you?  I didn't think so.


  1. "notably fewer dinosaurs" made me laugh for some reason. Thanks.

  2. the one on the left also has a iphone on his hip. Very "cool". While the one on the right probably has a droid computer built into the wrist, very....WINNING! I think he just made mods over time so he could keep up with the jonses, er, the astrates.

  3. lol

    I think the dinos were an attempt of tyranids, you know... the obscure old gaunt RT era prior to some design on them.

    Nice exanple of super fun stuff with no need of minis falling off the shelf.

  4. forgot the link


    BTW left pic is trully awesome (always liked both the illustration and the mini. You can pick up so many details like the paper (dunno whats weirder, him holding a piece of paper or the dino with it sticked to its forehead), the exquisite taste of having a leopard carpet hangin off the wall, etc.

    Old GW never ceases to amaze me despite how many times I look at those.

  5. So is his eye situation not installed? I feel like I am looking at a pirate that keeps changing where the eye patch goes.


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