Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Will Be Victorious!!

I just received an email from "Environment Michigan" detailing our plans to defeat Mercury on Earth Day. While I understand the symbolic significance of an Earth Day victory, I am very disappointed in how visible the campaign's timeline is.  The element of surprise is vital to a decisive victory, and by advertising that we will be attacking Mercury on Earth Day we are giving them ample time to shore up their defenses in preparation for the invasion.  I assume our vast fleets are en route as we speak, assuming Venus gave us permission to cross their orbit.


  1. You are overestimating the defense forces of our enemy friend, you seem to forget that we have Mars and Jupiter backing us up...but not Saturn, they are decidely peace-lovin' hippies with their multiple rings...

  2. If this was facebook, I would've *liked* this post.


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