Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vallejo Black Lava (part 2)

Continued from part 1.

Here are the post-drying states of the three models I tested Vallejo Black Lava on.

The leftmost base received a fairly generous coating and then the space marine legs were stuck into the wet goop.  The adhesion was quite good after it was dry, and took a fair bit of tugging to get them detached.  You can clearly see one of the footprints left behind.  The base was then basecoated scorched brown and drybrushed khaki and bleached bone.  The texture is quite nice.  This is a slotta base, and the lava does not seem to have sunk into the slot at all.  I can see myself preparing many bases like this at once for future use.

For the middle base, the lava was placed over the cork used for the base build up.  I drybrushed a little cold gray onto the black to pick out the detail.  You can see that the cork top surface is replaced by the very small grit of the black lava in a nicely random looking pattern.  The cork edges were also nicely obscured by the lava I applied there.

The third base was given a thinner coat of black lava around a miniature that had already been glued to the base.  You can see that the texture is a bit different than the first base, which got a heavier coat.  I can see the application of this thin a coat of black lava for things like metal corrosion.  I gets the job done for basing, but doesn't make for a very rugged looking base texture.

I'm very pleased with the way this is working out and I will be using this to base a whole lot of tIoB clanrats in the near future.

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