Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Extremeast-09... or something like that

A friend has commissioned me to convert and paint for him a Beast-09 warjack using the Extreme Juggernaut as the base model.  The pose will resemble the fluff art in the Khador book, with Beast-09 standing on a barricade of sharpened logs in a snowstorm.  His army isn't snow based, so I'm leaving the snow off.  The ice on the ax is also getting the ... ax.

So why convert a Beast-09 when there is already a model?  As you can see, the Extreme Juggernaut is considerably larger than the regular Juggernaut.  For a unique, named warjack, the larger model just seemed appropriate.  Many people have converted the Extreme Juggernaut into a Khador Behemoth, a conversion commonly called an Extremoth, but precious few mentions of people making Beast-09 from the kit.

A quick comparison of the standard Beast-09 model to the EJ shows that I will need the following for starters:

  • additional shoulder pyramid spikes
  • longer ax haft and additional ax "gubbins"
  • extended exhaust pipes
  • modified knuckle spikes
  • modified thigh details
  • ring of runes around neck
  • modified head spike
  • cute little "first place" ribbon on left side of chest
The final product will be based on the artwork more than the original model, so some of the aspects of the model that are exaggerated (like the ring of runes) will probably be much smaller on the conversion.

Stay tuned, Khador fans!

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  1. Two nicely painted beasts with great custom bases:


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