Thursday, September 09, 2010

Severius Saves The Day

Today's battle: Protectorate of Menoth led by Grand Scrutator "check out my new cloak" Severius vs. Legion of Everblight led by "Gluefist" Lylyth.

Ready..... fight!

The match mostly consisted of me moving my forces up so Matt could beat on their faces.  Gorman Di Wulfe underestimated the advance distance of a Shredder (remember, folks!  You don't have to charge in Warmachine!) and got, well, shredded.  My warjacks advanced into woods when fighting against Legion (the fourth classic blunder, I believe) and got beaten into scrap.  The Crusader was killed in one turn of savage thrashing without getting a swing.  The Revenger at least did some damage, but got pounded into art for his trouble.  My Bastions skirted the woods and managed to do some hurt to the Carnivean from the other side.

And then Matt made a game ending error.  He moved Lylyth into the woods, within 12" of Severius and less than 3" of the edge of the woods.  Next turn I up-kept Eye of Menoth (of course) and Defender's Ward on the Bastions, then with my remaining 6 focus moved up and cast Immolation on Lylyth.  Three times.

First attempt.... needed a 7.  Rolled a 6.  Rats.

Second attempt.... needed a 7.  Rolled a pair of 5's. Crit!  7 damage, and you are on fire bow-lady!

Third attempt.... needed a 7.  Rolled a ...  7!  (whew)  6 more damage for enemy Warlock.

So 13/16 health gone from L, and my damage potential for the turn is done.  I run the remaining choir up so they are engaging Lylyth and hand the turn over.

Legion's turn: Fire does not expire and the resulting damage roll takes the rest of Lylyth's health.  Menoth.  Is.  Victorious!

If my little caster-on-caster gambit had failed he would have eaten me alive with his remaining warbeasts, but a Warmachine/Hordes game can turn in a moment.  Fun game!

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