Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Skrolk WIP 4

How long do you paint a single mini before you just call it done?  I'm not painting Skrolk for competition or anything, but I just can't seem to get to that "time to wrap this guy up" moment.  I uncovered a mold line running up one side of the censer and across the bone staff-topper, and had to scrape it down and repaint those portions.  I have meticulously highlighted the pages of the book, almost to the point where I am afraid to try the freehand work there.  I resculpted part of the base in putty because I thought it looked to "corky."

It's been two weeks of work on nothing but Skrolk, probably along the lines of 30 hours of work.  Maybe I'll just go for the gusto and paint him competition quality.  It's not like I haven't gamed with my competition minis before...

Man that photo came out high contrast (high gamma?)  Once again my photography/Gimp skills stab me in the back.  How Skaven of them.

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  1. It looks awesome so far! I really like the boils, the robe, and the pages in the book. I'm more inclined to take my time on a special character rather than trying to force myself to finish it.


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