Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Simple Menoth Freehand

I know... I'm on a posting glut.

I was pleased at how well this little 5 minute freehand came out.  I had painted this gaming quality Severius model for Warmachine a while back, but his plain cloak never really did it for me. 

This little freehand occurred to me as a way to break up the ubiquitous "line parallel to cloak edge" freehand.  I tried to space the little "Menofix" shapes based on the folds in the cloth so that they would seem roughly equidistant.  Not perfect, but it adds just enough color to the back of the fig to make it more interesting.


  1. i really like that detail, looks great.

  2. Freehand is always something I need to improve on but always avoided. Really adds some nice detail to the mini. Nice job!


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