Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Old Man Pulls Off A Win!

Oh, yeah.  Hierarch Severius beat down Epic Irusk today at lunch.

My Protectorate list:
  • Epic Severius
  • Crusader
  • Crusader
  • "Blessing of Vengeance" (character Revenger warjack)
  • Choir of Menoth (4 models)
  • Choir of Menoth (4 models)
Khador list:
  • Epic Irusk
  • Great Bears (character unit, 3 models)
  • Destroyer (heavy warjack)
  • Mortar
  • Mortar
The MVP of the battle: Influence.  For 1 focus, Influence is fantastic.  It allows you to take control of an enemy model (after making a magic attack roll) long enough to make one melee strike with it.  I used Influence to kill 2 of the 3 great bears of whatever-they're-called and half a mortar crew.

High point of the battle (in a comic relief way) was when one of my Crusaders attempted to disassemble the Destroyer.  Out of four mace attacks, two of them were snake eyes (auto-miss) and one of the damage rolls of the two hits was snake eyes.  Let's call that a statistical out-lier.   Remember: all 1's = miss.  all 6's = hit.

Irusk has this annoying upkeep spell that gives a model an extra die on ranged attack and damage rolls.  Applied to a mortar it was annoying.  Pulling the "upkeep, fire, recast on other mortar, fire other mortar" trick is double annoying.  With effective RAT 3 and three dice against DEF 10, it's going to hit your heavy jacks a fair bit.  Boosted POW 16 hits hurt.

In the end, Irusk took down a Crusader in melee, and eSevvy charged him and got the kill.  The spell that gives Sevvy an extra die on attack and damage sounds too good to be balanced until you take into account that Sevvy has a MAT of 4.  An extra die is like having a MAT of 7.5... a lot more on par for warcasters.

We made a few mistakes during the game....

  • No backstrikes for the Influenced model: A model receives a back strike bonus only during its activation. (pg 61)
  • Brian forgot all his "tough" rolls.  All of them.
  • I forgot BoV gets "defensive strike" which might have saved it from getting trashed by the last remaining Great Bear.  Those guys are amazing.

Big fun.

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  1. My two cents:

    Proxying FTW.


    I heard from a reliable source that there's no glory in a proxy win.



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