Monday, May 17, 2010

Iceland's Not Even Trying Now

Okay, I've heard the whole "infinite monkeys with typewriters writing Shakespeare" thing, but I think it would take about half an hour for a room full of monkeys to type "Eyjafjallajokull".

Seriously, Iceland?  If you ran out of names for volcanoes just ask for help.  There are lots of countries that don't have huge spewing ash plumes that would be more than happy to help you name yours.  You don't have to just bang on the keyboard and call it good.

EDIT:  I'd also like to thank you for naming my all time favorite candy "Opal" instead of "ytaisdnasdbg."  For anyone who has not experienced it, Opal is a sublime black licorice tablet with just a touch of chloroform.  Mmmmmm, tingly mouth.

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  1. lol, Its not limited to just their volcanoes, I play EVE online, which is a product of Crowd Control Productions (CCP), based in Iceland. The names for solar systems in that game are often mind boggling (not to mention infuriating) when you need to type the name in in-game chat, much less trying to pronounce them. Its not out of the norm to find in vent channels that 2 people are discussing the same system, but were unaware of it due to wildly different pronunciations of the names (with no idea as to which, if any, pronunciation is actually right).

    Although I've vowed not to complain about that anymore after seeing the name of that volcano, realizing that it could be MUCH worse!


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