Friday, May 07, 2010

How To Lose Vs. eVlad

Lunchtime yesterday saw a 15 pt Warmachine game of my Menites vs. Brian's Khador.  I took the High Reclaimer, some Knights Exemplar, a big unit of Exemplar Bastions, a Revenger and a small choir.  He took eVlad with a war dog, 3 IF Uhlans, the Great Bears, and the character warjack Drago.  

The game was a series of mishaps and bad rolling.  His Uhlans failed their charge against my Knights by about 1/2" and were in turn charged by my Knights, almost completely failing by only killing one.  The remaining two Uhlans wiped out 2/3 of the squad with just mount and regular attacks (albeit with Hand of Fate upkeep, which gives them "roll three, keep the highest two" on attack and damage rolls.)  My Bastions charged Drago, only getting three in combat and one of them whiffing his charge attack (need a 4, rolled a 3!)  The Great Bears chopped half my Revenger up, but it came back and killed one with its halberd. 

So here's the moment of truth.  I have 6 "soul tokens" gained from the Exemplars and some choir dying.  I'm thinking I can charge in to the Uhlans with the High Reclaimer, spend all that extra focus on attacks/boosts and kill the Uhlans, then pop his feat to get the Exemplars back and charge Vlad.  Rrrrrrrr.  Sorry.  Didn't quite work that way.  Despite having 8 focus on him (after allocating some to the Revenger) he charges in and whiffs his charge attack, despite boosting it.  He then proceeds to roll so abysmally low that none of the other Uhlans die.  I pop his feat and get the 4 Knights back, who then manage to kill one of the two Uhlans.  8 Focus warcaster + 6 Exemplars with their P+S 11 swords and weapon master could not take down 2 Uhlans.  Sad indeed.  At least I was fairly sure the HR could survive the return attacks.  Enter "Transference."  This is an upkeep spell that lets Vlad spend focus to boost a model's attack/damage rolls.  He boosted the rolls for the Uhlan's mount attack and took about 80% of my health.  The rider finished him off.   Game over.  

Nasty, nasty capability.  Great, fun game though.

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