Saturday, May 15, 2010

How to Lose vs. Karchev

I'm on a Warmachine losing streak.  Thursday lunch again saw my Menites facing down the Khador juggernaut.  (Not included in Khador list: a Juggernaut.)

So here's the breakdown of how I lost:
  1. I didn't stick to the plan.  I brought Holy Zealots to act as a wrecking crew against low DEF jacks.  All those POW 14 bombs can ruin a jack's day quickly.  Instead of moving them as I originally planned, I sent them off chasing a Widowmaker solo.  They killed him, but it marginalized a 4 point unit to kill a 2 point solo.
  2. I forgot how mobile Karchev makes other jacks.  Between his feat and tow, Karchev can take a jack an awfully long way, even across rough terrain.  In this game, the end result was that Behemoth got the charge off on Feora.
  3. I tried to wreck Behemoth with my warcaster.  If I had been smart I would have pushed Behemoth back an inch to get it out of melee with Feora and then ran like hell, but nooooooo, I just dropped 2 focus for Engine of Destruction and tried to disassemble the biggest jack in the game with my caster.  If I'd had optimal rolling it might have worked.  I had less than optimal rolling.  Zero systems disabled after all those P+S 17 attacks. 
It was pretty funny to see Karchev in his warjack body being chased by the Khador War Dog.  I likened it to a dog chasing a car.

Last week, the High Reclaimer got a one-night paint job as penance for losing.  I basecoated Feora Thursday night, but had too much Eldar work to do to give her a whole paint job.

I've been losing a lot, but I've also been playing with unpainted models.  Brian has at least a few models painted when we play.  Maybe that's it.....

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