Monday, May 01, 2006

Perilously Close to Insufferable

I am a hair's breadth of becoming one of those insufferable jerks who has to mention their particular moral superiority in every conversation. What, pray tell, is this you ask?

(drum roll, please)

I don't have any regular TV shows I watch.

For a while I had considered 'Lost' as the last regular TV show I watch, but since the creators can't seem to actually make any episodes I don't see why I should consider that a show I watch. Now please don't confuse the fact that I don't watch television. Routinely I find myself watching Blue's Clues with Jay or Spongebob with Sarah and Lily, and I often breeze in for part of miscellaneous-hour-long-drama that Stef watches, but I don't seek them out at this point. In fact, the recent spat of "829 pound man" shows on some NatGeo-wannabe channel or other hold a morbid curiosity for me.

I blame the DVR, truth be told, as opposed to any conscious decision on my part. Every time I sit down to watch news or just surf around, that accursed DVR is recording something I don't want to watch, and so I am out of luch TV-wise. About the only time of day that I know I can turn to watch something without pre-allocation is after 11pm, when Adult Swim is on. The problem with Adult Swim is that the schedule of the shows that I want to watch and the times I actually turn on the TV seem to have no intersection at all.

Now that the rumor of new eipisodes of Futurama was in fact only rumor, I'm sure this will not change anytime soon. Unless Firefly comes back, by some miracle.

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  1. Well, here's a comment to stave off the obscurity Mike.
    It's May Day here in Yorkshire and as is the case with most public holidays rained.
    Like the writing...keep on painting and keep on blogging!
    Have a good week


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