Saturday, May 06, 2006

Noticeable Quality Differences

Tonight, the girls and I had a great time painting. Sarah finished off the second half of her Warpfire Thrower team, I touched up some of Bill's Iron Breakers and Lily painted a clanrat. The photo shows the fruits of the evening's labor.

I must say, Lily is quite taken with her own painting.

After finishing and sizing up her paint job, Lily announced, "Mine is great, right Daddy?" I smiled.
"You did a fantastic job, Lily"
"It's better than yours or Sarah's," she stated quite matter-of-factly.
I shot her some "oh really" eyebrows and placed the Iron Breaker I was working on next to her rat on the table so that she could see the difference. She thoughtfully sized them up side by side.
"Oh, yes. Mine is much better." she concluded.

Four year olds are so cool.

Like always, Sarah's mini was chaotically painted but had an elaborate story as to why each color was going exactly where it was. Her painting time is a constant running narration. She was as much into the talking part as the painting part, and I only wish I had the forethought to capture some of her meticulously crafted world during painting time.

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