Thursday, May 04, 2006

My Poor Lily, again

I hurt my poor Lily tonight. She and Sarah were doing a crazy dance for the EyeToy message maker (they were recording little movies and playing them back) and I swooped in and picked them both up in a huge bear hug. When I put them down, Lily was crying.

My first thought: "Oh, what now?"

Lily's been crying a lot lately, anytime something happens that she doesn't like in fact. I was exhasperated that once again she was crying. I figured she didn't want me to 'ruin' their movie, and was have a mini-fit over it. When I saw that she was holding her wrist my stomach dropped, and all my exhasperation immediately turned to guilt.

She can't move her wrist now without crying out in pain. Stef arrived at home minutes after it happened, and whisked off to the emergency room with her. I'm at home with Sarah and Jay, and haven't heard a word from them for better than an hour.


EDIT: Praise God, it was Nursemaid's Elbow! She is completely better now and they are on their way home. I'll write about our prior experience with Nursemaid's Elbow later.

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  1. that is SO typical of little girls, though - an interruption in their current task can be devastating. Baby Princess (my niece Emma) cannot ENDURE being "interfered" with; an impulsive swoop for a hug and kiss is greeted with whines, squirming, and often tears. SHE must offer the affection freely; it cannot be snatched from her.


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