Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Ten or twelve years ago I worked with a Turkish student who was kind enough to bring a huge box of Turkish Delight back for his coworkers after a trip home. Immediately, I could see why Edmund Pevensie was so taken with it. When I saw the most recent Lion, Witch & Wardrobe film I was actually a little disappointed to see that the pieces shown weren't the ones I remember as being the best ones. In fact, the powder-covered jelly ones shown in the movie weren't even remotely the best pieces in the box. Now that years have hazed the memory a bit, I wonder if the box wasn't assorted candies from Turkey, and only the powdered jellies were truly Turkish Delight. Well, whatever they were those licorice laced candies were amazing.

I think my single favorite candy has to be Opal from Iceland, though. What other candy has chloroform in it?!?

Paul got back to work today and brought an assortment of Jelly Belly branded candy in a box for us to share. I don't know what kind of sadists make up this candy, but the cinnamon bears were painfully hot, and no candy ever should be buttered popcorn flavor. Seriously. I tried a bit of the candy corn, almost expecting it to taste like real corn. In their defense, the pear flavored ones were great.

Image nicked egregiously from erishelva.com sans permission.

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