Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekly Hobby Group update

Hobbying was a good time tonight, with newcomer Andrew joining me, Seth, Jimmy and Mike.  Much coffee was consumed.  It was loud.  Things got painted.  Poor Andrew had to ensure everyone showing him my painted models.

I worked mostly on "Hive Fleet Emervac" gaunts.  Seth worked more on chaos warriors, and his "Harry the Hammer" shield that he is painstakingly trying to make look like Alexi Z's version in the CMON annual.  His "lava" shield is coming along nicely.

Jimmy sculpted a new face on a dollar-store dinosaur to match his Kroot mercenary army. Everyone thought it was pretty cool!

Finally, Mike worked on some Tau and Andrew worked on his chaos warriors.  I put some paint on a very old Elf Blade Mistress Ral Partha mini.

After some consideration, we decided to move hobby night back to Thursday.  I had hoped to start going to an Android development group Thursday nights, but it just never happened.

1 comment:

  1. Jimmy did an awesome job on the dino. Would love to see it finished.

    I'm a big fan of toys converted to minis (I'm actually working on an Ubisoft's Clash of heroes -might & magic- succubus toy to be a slaneesh demon) since I feel it's even funnier than messing with minis themselves :)