Wednesday, March 09, 2011

They Shall Know Satire!

Because Fear is not on the menu!

I got the preview email from Games Workshop for the new Grey Knights models.  They look pretty cool, but I can't resist making a few humorous observations.  I'll let the Ordo Malleus speak for themselves.

Not a fan of 90's manga?  google it

and a book, apparently!

Yes, you are Burny the Bunny.  Congratulations.

Maybe I'm nitpicking on that last one, but if you are going to drill storm bolter barrels for your studio army make a template or something.  Those look about like my pin-vise workmanship.

Also, super giant robot exo-skeletons?  I dunno.  We're taking one scary step toward Dreadnoughts being able to link up to form Volton.


  1. Haha! I did the same shit on my blog, dude. Look at the Derpknight's expression, he's all like "I fink I made an angry poo-poo." Or even, "Okay, who just cast the Hemorrhoids psychic power on me? Not cool, Battle-Brothers. Not. Cool."

  2. These figures are ridiculous - and that's not some sort of hip reference to quality. At this point, I just take it as another sign that my 40K days are over.

  3. But.. but.. you can field Voltron!! And watch as he swings his big vorpal sword. I bet whoever uses him will be making slashing and stabbing sounds too..

  4. I like everything but the Dreadknight. The Tim-the-Enchanter hoods are just too cool!

    The Dreadknight though ... So many levels of hideous.

  5. I agree about the Dreadknight (and cited you on my blog, Skarvald ;)). Even the name is hideous. I'd like it better with an enclosed cockpit and no bloody hands. That said, I love all the other miniatures. The Tim-the-Enchanter hoods are just too cool!

  6. @Skarvald: hey! I make those sounds! Swoosh! Ching! Bzzzzz!

    @Eversor: I officially modify any of my opinions to match the opinions of the Officio Assassinorum. (biiiig smile and thumbs up!)

  7. OH MY GOD. The guy from the last picture is PATSY! KING ARTHUR'S "HORSE!" Google it!

  8. @Skarvald: That made me snort coffe! This pic is from the musical, but still a good likeness:

    @Mike: No need to change your opinion. To each his own – besides, I'm much too old to get any assassination done these days ...

  9. It don't matter wot da dreadknight fingy looks like, or da uvver guyz, we still gonna stomp em cause dat's wot we're supposed to do. We'z made to fight and win! (Sorry, ork habits die hard...)

  10. LMAO. Those are getting quite controversical arround forums and such. Love Tim the encharter and last pic bits :D

    SkarVald's take on the dready is pure genius!

    Anyway I'm sure in 2020 we'll see something that will make us think "2011 minis.. oh, those were the days..." LOL