Friday, March 04, 2011

0/7 .... Another Sad Day for the Protectorate

See how cleverly Kreoss sends his forces off to
his left so he can engage the enemy alone?
Today, a group of filthy mercenaries invaded the conference table in my office.  My Menites mustered forces to repel the invaders.  There was a swamp involved.

Clearly this photo shows that all other armies pale in comparison to the might of the Protectorate!

In battle.... well a bit different.  I repeated my common mistake.  I separated my force, put my caster in harm's way and ended up having to make the choice between getting gunned down at 15" or get splattered standing toe-to-toe with a heavy 'jack.  Kreoss, ever the exemplar, went down swinging.

They may have lost, but they lost looking good.

Kreoss goes down swinging.  His MAT7 vs the Avalancher DEF9 means
that he'd only need snake-eyes to miss.  Yup, there they are.
To add insult to injury, the Avalancherkilled him with a shield.  A shield.

...but who is the best looking army on the table?
I'm talking to you primer-white mercs!


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  2. Followed, purely on the basis of that marvellous summary.