Thursday, March 03, 2011

Choir of Menoth, ready for their first game

Well, their first painted game anyway.  Tomorrow is our traditional Warmachine/Hordes lunch day, and I have a fully painted 15 point list ready!  This is my first time fielding a fully painted Warmachine force of any size, so I'm quite excited.  I'm guessing that the Protectorate will march to a full color victory.  After all, I've lost the last 6 games.... statistically speaking I'm almost guaranteed to win, right?

Painting was a lot of fun tonight, with Designer7x and Jimmy talking battletech/mechwarrior almsot all night.  Ah, reminds me of my days in the lounge of Wadsworth Hall, playing battletech with the PFRC gang.  D7x has a cool looking building he's been working on.  He cut a picture of a futuristic city scape up to paste onto the windows of the hanger, making it appear as if the windows are mirrored.  It's a very cool effect.  I also found out that Jimmy was a national Mage Knight champion (playing under the name "Creature".)  Go figure!

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  1. I hate the choir...ok, let me rephrase that. I hate playing against the choir. But, now I want to see these across the table...Cygnar will show them that their false religion is the way of fools! Morrowans Unite!