Thursday, March 03, 2011

No Lunch Game For The Choir

Work had issues today, so I decided to call off the lunch game rather than give the appearance of shirking.  The newly painted choir was disappointed.  Hear their song of woe!

Quick question for anyone who reads these.... is there a particular type of model you are interested in seeing a step-by-step walk-through for?  I'd be interested to see what interests you, and if it interests you enough to potentially buy a pdf guide (fairly cheap.)  Let me know!


  1. LOL @ pic

    Well, If I had to say something I'd go for step-by-step guides on rather UNCOMMON miniatures.

    You can find loads of guides on how to paint a marine or a rackham mini, but finding a pic alone about mutant chronicles' warzone, vor or even the rogue trader or void 1.1 minis are pretty rare (add any obscure game you'd think of). That's why I'm lately into old RPG/wargaming manuals, to have a stock of pic you could hardly see on teh internetz.

    This might be a selling point to some extent since while not existing many potential buyers, those won't have many other choices if they want fresh pics about their loved old games.

    BTW, there are plenty of pdf free publications on monthly basis that includes from paintng to terrain and sculpting so I dunno how many would pay for it (I read some free ones that I'd pay for if I found a printed coppy in a hobby shop, but hardly would pay for a pdf unless it was superbly put together, loaded with useful content and unique pics in high q.)

    Hope I gave you any hint. Cheers.

  2. Those are excellent points; thank you. With the loads of excellent tutorials out there it would have to either be an unusual model or an easy to follow technique. It was also suggested to me that someone who wants a particular color scheme for an army might want a guide customized to show how to paint a few types of models for that specific army.

  3. If you are adding color recipes it might be something useful/fresh to list the colors you used along with a proxy table for other paint retailers so that customer could reproduce your paintjob almost 1:1 with his very own range of colors in case he/she don't wan't to buy other colors/ranges.

    Damn Can't believe I'm sharing all this greatness for free :D

    Good luck with your pdf project, hope to see soon how this will result :)


  4. Yeah, you free greatness sharer, you. Thanks.

    This is more of an exploratory thing. Between seeing tactica for sale in pdf form often enough and a direct request for a guide pdf I thought I would see what people thought of the idea.