Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Video Painting Tutorials? Please Advise

I've been toying with different ideas to add content to this blog, and video tutorials are one of the options I've considered.  The problem is that my brain has been calibrated to the Miniature Mentor series in terms of video quality and camera work, and anything I produce won't be nearly that level.

So my question to you, interwebs, is whether this video quality is high enough to be useful.

Consider  what you are looking to get out of a painting tutorial.  Could you see what you need to see at this level of zoom and focus?  Is the verbal description more important?  What are you actually looking to learn?  (Those of you who aren't already far better at painting than I am, anyway.)

 Help me help you.


  1. Looks good. Love the skaven!

  2. First of all, take in account people have different monitors and settings on those are calibrated diffeently too.

    Having said that, well... it does look really nice indeed. It's even possible to appreciate some pink coloration in the plague piples on its face and tail tip.

    On the not so bright side, looks like you'll be having hard times displaying blendings, color transitions thru glazing and other subtle and advanced techniques.

    So far, looks you'll be able to shoot vids for 7 to 8 rank minis but no further (it's not a commentary on how good is the paintjob but how good the camera gets it, cristal clear closeups are needed for advanced stuff).

    Also, ausio commentary -descriptive and sometimes, stuff that is easier to transmit verbally than visually- is always a welcome addition.

    Hope I've helped you helping us :)


  3. I meant plague pimples and the prologue was about settings and size/q of everyones' screen may differ so as per web programming, you'll have to take in account, how it will display here and there.

    BTW I hate captchas. At least las one was geeky. Wampa! haha will this one's be "hoth" ?

  4. Personally, I always prefer photo tutorials to videos, since I can only get a low bandwidth connection most of the time where I live. That, and it's not the actual painting techniques that are useful, more "recipes" for paint mixes and step by step photos to compare results with.

  5. Well the audio is great...all you gotta do is when you get to the end of a step, before you begin the next step, YELL "KIDS GO TO YOUR ROOM!"

    but the camera is actually pretty good for being a phone, so yeah id say give er a go and post a couple, if you think of something better latter, then you can switch it or "upgrade"

    Just be sure to use lots of confusing words to describe the process, that's key in any "how to" video,