Monday, March 21, 2011

The Dice Know Their Master

After our very unsuccessful attempt at playing a lunchtime game of Warmachine Friday, Brian accidentally picked up my two Privateer Press dice and put them with his own.  Later in the day he stopped by with all four dice.

"So how are we going to tell whose are whose?" he asked jokingly.

"Here, I can tell," I said, and rolled all four dice.  They came up two 1's, a 4 and a 5.
I grabbed the ones showing snake eyes.  "These are definitely mine."


  1. sorry for being that dull but... LMAO

  2. Problem - Your dice don't obey you.

    Solution 1 - Threaten them with a trip in the microwave...

    Solution 2 - Smash one with a hammer in front of the others so they start to respect you.

    Solution 3 - When not in use, make sure they are sitting with the one facing up, that way they tire of sitting on their sixes, and will roll up sixes for you.

  3. I officially impart this 'Well Performed Self-Deprecating Gaming-Related Zing Award' upon you. Bravo. XD

  4. It's true, I've seen it!

    Mike & I have played 40K and this one time.... He assaulted a bunker with my vanilla style IG troops shaking scared inside of it. In swooped his mighty Space Marine assault squad and as they shot with their assualt weapons he rolled 4/5 misses, and failed to wound! Then he failed the charge over terrain and they died next turn. Somehow, any other player, or maybe I should say, any other DICE would have probably killed my IG troops.

    So bad that he's gotten to the rationalizing phase of "It's the dice!" I personally that if you give Mike any 4 dice, He will Roll 2/4 1's every time! We don't call him Mike "50% fail, 100% of the time" Howell for nothing.