Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Old Stuff: Behold My Crappy Elf

Reaper 02506: Rath Nashanneth
So instead of participating in "Old Stuff Day" by reposting a blog entry, I'm putting one of my very old minis on display.

I got this fellow at a Paint-and-Take sponsored by Black Lightning at my local hobby shop in 2006.  I think he was supposed to be a dark elf, but I didn't know that at the time, hence the color scheme. It occured to me about halfway through that this was the first time I had ever tried to paint a human(oid) face. Go figure.  

At the time, I thought this guy was top notch.  

Common comment: "His sword is so.... green."
Yes.  Yes it is.


  1. Well, yes. The sword is green... but the level of detailing on that face is really quite amazing. I actually quite like the palatte choices as well.

  2. I bet that would make for a great "cosmic" wargaming session.

  3. That face is actually pretty good. Not all deliciously craggy or anything, but it's an ELF. Much better overall than a lot of my old work. And you did NMM too!

    I don't really think this guy was a DE, by the way. He's a little too heroic looking and not covered in spikes, skulls and other crap like that, which many evil characters appear to purchase from some sort of Evil Department Store.