Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Legend of the Nurglecorn

In the grim darkness of the far future, yadda yadda yadda. From the same novelty store that sold the flies that I made into Nurgle Furies, this $0.99 plastic unicorn becomes ... something. I'm not sure what yet. He's on a 40mm base, so I could either use him as a spawn, a beast of Nurgle, or maybe even something like putting a chaos space marine lord on him and counting it as a bike. Or a palanquin of Nurgle maybe... the options are endless.
I started by hollowing out the abdominal cavity some (influenced by the KD:M antelope no doubt) and carving the mouth back and the eyes out. The original mouth was closed, so that was a bit of work. The intestines are milliput rolled out and given segmentation by rolling a stick of balsa at intervals. My wife suggested the ragged skin at the abdominal opening (love that woman!) and that is made from thin paper towel and super glue. I just tore a strip of paper and glued it to the border, soaking the strip, The tear was ragged enough to do most of the work, but I reshaped some of it with snips after the fact.

The mane and tail were, go figure, originally green. The unicorn was pink, I think. Funny, I can't remember now. Anyway, he got a base of the usual corrugated styrene that I've been using plus some Vallejo heavy gel with a light drybrush of Praxeti white. If you haven't used the new Citadel dry colors, they are awfully strange, more like a gel than a paint. They remind me of oatmeal with not quite enough liquid in it.

All those years in art school won't help you now Eldar


  1. ÓoÔ

    Leaving apart the fact I love reusing cheap toys and kitbashing them... I'm quite impressed here. I meant it.

    Not only it fits perfectly as citadel minis have turned more cartoon like in style over the last years with the use of plastics (no individual feathers on the orc shaman or those gaunt buttcheeks of ogres' big beasts, showing patches of bare skin w/o fur), you also nailed the color scheme!

    Really inspiring color-wise as nowadays everything is way too earthy and muted down.

    I'd like to add that, this time your snow effect looks reallly good.

    Dunnno what to expect from your next post now (that's a good thing!) I'm glad someone is being creative as I'm starting to get bored about all those "paint by numbers" 40k posts that flood the net.

  2. Amazing Nurglecorn! It's fun, but also pretty evil. And it does have a lot of potential though it might be too big to be a Chaos Lord's mount unless he's in Terminator armor.

    This is totally up javi's kind of thing, I'm not remotely surprised to see him here ;)

  3. Hey, recently you suggested using brush on vallejo surface primer... that left me with a question ¿ game color, model color or air color range ? I'm asking as you mentioned it's usually used for airbrushing...

    A hint on that mater would be kindly appreciated. Also, I'm really looking forward something new arround. Maybe another toy kitbashed ? ;)

    1. It's the "surface primer" range. It comes in 60ml and 200ml bottles.

      I'm not sure what the next fun project should be. It may be some boring game related stuff.

    2. thanks, I'll check the link! ..."boring game related stuff" itself sounds funny enough. Yet, I'd rather take another "anonymous note on my desk" post instead :D


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