Friday, April 26, 2013

Ludum Dare ... Game Jam Time!

This weekend is Ludum Dare, the themed game development compo/jam across the world. I attempted to do something solo for the competition a while ago but didn't get very far. This time around I will be working with my coworker jomomomo and our families to produce something for the "game jam" portion. There's no competition for this part, but you get an extra day and we're looking forward to using what we've learned on our gamedev lunch sessions.

So far, we've been putting together a quickie vertical scroller, which will eventually become a shooter. It's hosted at if you want to see the code. It's all in Haxe using the NME and Flixel libraries. Good stuff, Maynard. The cool part is it ports directly to my android phone with no coding changes required.
And now I'm going attempt to embed the silly little WIP.....

Hey, it looks like it worked! The arrow keys move left and right... and that's it! No shooting. No collision. Nothing. Yay. The part about cross development for Android is exciting to me. It can do iPhone as well, but I'm skeptical about my ability to do this with no iPhone or Mac of my own. From what I can tell in this how-to videos, the process isn't entirely straightforward.

I just can't connect all the dots from start to finish...

 The Ludum Dare theme will be announced at 9:00PM Eastern time!

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