Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Kingdom Death Resin First Model

I know Monster is a long way off, but I thought I'd show my one and only Kingdom Death model, in all its completely unassembled glory. The model in question is "Beyond the Wall" which depicts a survivor hiding, terrified. The vignette feels like there is more going on than one can see. I love that untold story feeling. The pic on their site shows the model well.
Notice the "not aimed at crotch" angle
The packaging shows how a boutique manufacturer differs from a mass manufacturer. From the stamped card box to the included art print, even to the black tissue used to pad the mailing box, it just drips with classy execution.
Presentation means a lot here
The resin is absolutely gorgeous. I don't have a ton of experience with resin models, but this one is far superior to what I'm used to. The cast is absolutely flawless. Only the McVey models I have rival this level of quality. Two torsos are included, one of which is dressed as in the illustration. The alternate torso does not have all the armor but is still clothed (to an extent.) The legs join the torso where the stockings end, so assembly should not require too much smoothing. The head is my favorite part, with deep crevices in the tousled hair and great expressive eyes.

pictured with the art card in the box
The base is nondescript, and honestly a bit disappointing. The wall is nice, but the circle is just too plain to warrant using resin. A 50mm styrene base would have accomplished about the same. I will probably either paint faces into it (a la Monster) or sculpt something more interesting.

The piece also comes with a postcard artwork prominently displaying the subject's crotch. Way to keep it classy, guys.
This is in contrast to the portion of the illustration shown on their web site, which oddly enough is the exact aspect ratio of a postcard in landscape. Oh, the choices we make.
Eye-rolling aside, it's a nice model. The attention to detail on the sculpt and casting makes me anticipate getting Monster all the more. 


  1. They make some really nice figures. The Flower Knight is my personal favorite, but I couldn't afford to buy him.

    Looking forward to seeing this painted up.

  2. Nice review, enjoyed it and the figure and presentation are really impressive...

    That's what I was saying with my criticism about monster; there is quality enough involved to make all that "fanservice" (hot anime girls spreading her legs) unnecessary. I don't mean it's wrong, I just say it's too blatant.


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