Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Universe Of Foreheads

Ah, the authentic Star Trek experience...

A friend of mine just got in the Star Trek Online beta.  The company that made STO also made City of Heroes, so we were expecting a great character creation process and it did not disappoint.  You can pick from a few stock races or just make your own.  Imagine the thousands of freakish forehead possibilities!  My friend made the most grotesque dude he could imagine, with a huge, corpulent torso on long spindly legs, thicks arms that didn't even reach his waist ending in a child's hand.  Add huge feet and a head designed to look like it's wearing a thong and you have Ensign Beefcake!

You start the game in the lounge/bar area.  He immediately started dancing, then jumped up on the bar and started to dance, interposing himself between two NPC conversing over the bar.  They continued as if nothing strange was happening.

I really wonder what the final audience for this game will be.  The signal to noise will be low enough that serious trek fans probably won't be able to stomach it, and I don't know how much material the Star Trek universe would provide to an adolescent sense of humor before it turns entirely to griefing.

For now, he will cruise around the galaxy on the U.S.S. Sausagefest.  Another friend of mine started yesterday aboard the U.S.S. Enterherprize.

Yeah, I hang with a sophisticated crowd.

EDIT:  It's nice to see that PvP chronicled this experience as well. 

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