Monday, January 11, 2010

Not The Answer I Was Looking For

I saw a news story about Avatar's box office take, and the fact that it's #2 for all time.  I mentioned this to my wife in passing.

Me: "Avatar is #2 for all time box office.  You know which is #1 right?"
Stef: "No.  Tell me."
Me: "Titanic."  (said like it should have some meaning)
Stef: "Yeah?  So?" (not seeing the connection)
Me: "What do those movies have in common?"
Stef: ".... blue people."

I had to leave it at that.  I was laughing too hard to answer the question for real.  She is wickedly clever sometimes.  She asked me later what the real connection was and I told her about James Cameron's involvement.  "Oh, yeah yeah....that's right."


  1. Prefered her answer =)
    Personally I wasn't that impressed with Avatar, but I guess I still helped it ratings.

  2. Your wife rules. Power to the blue people!

    <3 Ultramarines.

  3. I must have missed the blue people in Titanic. ;)

    I thought Avatar was great, ultimate popcorn movie. Just go in and shut off your brain.


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