Monday, January 18, 2010

Got My Game On

I went to the second half of the "Strategic Redeployment" from Paint Creek Crossing to "Get Your Game On" in Ann Arbor.  The folks there really went out of their way to make the Paint Creek refugees right at home, including setting up additional gaming tables and a paint bar.  The only thing I would have liked is more light at the paint bar, since it's in the back of the store and has worse lighting than the front of the store.  Just the addition of a $25 overhead light in the area would fix that problem.

I won the painting competition (and won a battleforce!) for the Dwarf Engineer we all received on the last Saturday of Paint Creek and got to take home the Warpstone trophy.  I'll defend it next month in their painting contest.  So far the category seems to be "open" so I'll have to put something really over the top together.

Thanks, GYGO!

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  1. Does the paint bar serve drinks? Then I might be interested. And come on over to my place - I have a blog award for you! And you don't have to follow all the pesky rules. Just grab the button and sweeten up your blog space!


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