Saturday, March 18, 2006

Stories, Upgrades and Experimental Cooking

My friend Josh was recounting his grandfather's heroism during WWII, which including taking a bullet through his arm at the Battle of the Bulge, then spending two weeks behind German lines surviving by his wits and the few phrases in German he could yell back to people yelling questions. What will I tell my own grandchildren? Will I tell them all the things I saw on 24-hour news? Will I tell them that I owned a 1st generation TiVo? Oh, maybe that time the guys from work and I went to Rally's and ate a triple-double combo! (No way, Grandpa!)

Then again, my sister-in-law's brother served with the marines in Somalia, and he won't talk about it. Maybe a lack of dramatic stories isn't so bad.

The upgrade at work was a failure (read: I screwed it up) so we went back to a lower version to upgrade to. It goes into production tomorrow, and I'm installing it. Hooray.

I just decided to cook a roast, and figured I'd try something I haven't done before. I put a bed of onions in our wide crock pot (maybe 4 smallish onions total) and a cup of water, then put a 2.25 Lbs. chuck roast on the onions, sprinkled with coarse salt, black pepper, garlic powder and some thyme. I put the crock pot on 4 hour high heat setting. We'll see how it turns out.

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