Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Regarding "break"

Lily's nose is not broken! We took her to her follow up appointment, which also happened to be the first appointment she's had with a new doctor. Her former pediatrician had also been my pediatrician back in the olden days, so I suppose it's no surprise that he retired. She still looks pretty beat up, but it's getting better and her nose is almost the correct shape now. Her eye is still viciously blackened.

I painted up a sample "Iron Breaker" for Bill's dwarf army. In theory I would paint the armor a bright silver and then apply a thin glaze of very light blue, giving the armor a bluish tint. In practice the armor turned "old people blue" (as in the car color.) I fixed it by highlighting mithril (the bright silver) on the wide areas and gave it a thin black wash and it looks much closer to what he and I had in mind. I also started a miner, and am in love with the sculpt. I started a new technique for priming and preparing that includes a white primer coat, then a wash of very thin wash of Vallejo charred brown (scorched brown in citadel-ese, burnt umber to the rest of the world.) It does such a wonderful job of bringing out the details, while also sitting so appriopriately in the recesses for shading. I wanted to take a picture of the miner even before painting him. I painted the face as a test and it turned out nicely.

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