Thursday, March 30, 2006

Photography != cool

For the non-programmers out there, != is 'not equals.'
Look at this:

I finished painting this guy a week or so ago. He looks pretty cool in person, but in the photo he's a busy, blurry blob. The promo photo from the manufacturer (left, duh) looks great. I am seriously at a loss on how to photo these things. Maybe I'll take another photo from the same angle as the promo pic to get a better comparison.

Honestly, it's getting a little irritating. I did a lot of things on this mini that turned out well and which show an improvement in my techniques. The picture, however, shows almost nothing of the effects that are visible with the nekkid eye. It just looks muddy and indistinct. I'm starting to think I need a better camera to really do these little guys justice.

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