Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Fairy Princess Rules Once More

I decided not to work too late tonight and see my family. Actually, with the doctor appointment for Lily this morning that I attended it came out to an eight hour day. Oh, the shame of this slacker. The girls put on a play this evening in which I was the evil king who usurped power from the rightful fairy princess. Sarah, the brave heroine, swept in to kill me and break the spell put on Lily, the rightful ruler. It was all delightful. Of course, as the evil king I needed costuming, most of which involved the girls putting things in my hair.

I primed 50 or so dwarfs tonight, with another 20-30 to assemble still. It must be nice to have your entire army fit in half an army transport case! My horde of vile rat men could fill two of them at this point. I'm going to start painting over my lunch hour, ensuring that I do not go out to eat (which is a habit I have found difficult to break) and simultaneously do something rewarding. I've really taken a shine to this, so much so that I am considering basic art theory class at EMU just to improve my artistic sensibilities. (Please note that "considering" and "registering for" are not at all similar, and one will not necessarily lead to the other.)

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