Thursday, November 29, 2012

Want: FW Chaos Sorcerer and Spawn

I don't experience ForgeWorld lust.... often. Sayl the Faithless and Nightmaw on the other hand is 90% ooooooh and 10% whuuu? Slap Ahriman's backpack on this guy and he would be an amazing CSM Sorcerer. That left arm though is a mystery. Check out the FW page I linked for closeups. Never have I seen such a "I rolled some green stuff and wrapped it around a staff" sculpt at FW. I almost expected to see fingerprints left in putty. So if I get this guy I might chop off the staff and replace it with something better. Maybe a Kromlech Technomage staff.

Is $35 a little steep for this model? Maybe, considering I still have quite enough Chaos Sorcerers to last me a while.

Plague Toads as spawn though? That would make me really happy like.


  1. YES! I love that Sayl model, aside from the plain tentacle. I could take or leave Nightmaw, and love the toads; indeed would make great spawn.

  2. That spawn is so cool, and disturbing.

  3. I have to respectively disagree. I think the tentacle is kind of cool. Yes, upon first glance, it does look like someone rolled up some GS, however upon closer inspection, I noticed small delineations scultped into it, and it looks somewhat natural. It almost looks as there is muscle underneath the skin of the tentacle.
    In paticular, look at part that is wrapped around 2nd up from the bottom, and you can see what I am talking about. This is why FW stuff is decent, tiny details and excellent sculpting. Besides, Tzeentch is the Lord of not every marine will have normal limbs.

  4. agree on the toads= spawn, especially Nurgle!


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