Friday, November 09, 2012

Birth of the Warp Kittens

My kids and I, for reasons I cannot quite remember, came up with this idea of Chaos jump troops with tiny cat heads. Warp Talons seemed the perfect use for this, and so the Warp Kittens were born.

It's a work in progress...
Rough, I know. I haven't sculpted much, especially something like cat heads. These are the first attempts, and will get some changes before they are final. I put them in the Warp Talon bodies for their debut in this weekend's 40k gaming fest.

Silly? Yeah, sure. I mean, come on. It's chaos. If you don't have a sense of humor about the spiky adolescent power fantasy army then go play...uh... well, Marines I guess. The non-spiky adolescent power fantasy army.


  1. Its one of the more random things i've come across on a blog post.

    For a first attempt they look alright - although some are tending towards mice rather than kitten.

  2. "Beware the power of Chaos! Purge the witches! Cleanse the heretics! Awww, they're so cute..." - Last words of Black templar Chaplain Nehemiah

  3. It certainly would explain all the claws.

    "Curse the Corpse-Emperor, who moved us from our couch whilst we were having nappies, and placed things in our way upon the high places of the galaxy where we like to perch, and who dared to summon us back to Terra for a bath! We shall tear down his Imperium...when we get around to it, sometime." -- Warp Talon Champion, Chairman Meow

  4. Perhaps the best defense against them in 6th is to throw a yarn grenade, or jingle the Rhino Keys to distract them. Or to bait them with the sound of a can-opener, and then pummel them with a vindicator squirt gun.


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