Monday, November 12, 2012

Slaaneshi Helbrute WIP 1

Fresh off my victory with the new Chaos Space Marines army, I put a little time in last night on the Helbrute. You can't give them specific marks of chaos, but I decided to paint mine up Slaaneshi. I will probably convert another one to be Nurgle at some point.

So here it is at present, press fit for the picture. The only conversions currently are the power fist and the head, which I wanted to have a helmet rather than the crazy face that comes with it. 
 I'm using human flesh tones for him, and given how much exposed flesh he has it should be a little disconcerting. I put a random shatter pattern on the purple armor plates but I'm not happy with how indistinct the lines are. I will probably go back and edge then with darker purple to clean them up. The base is cork and corrugated styrene (my new favorite basing material) and styrene tubes with Vallejo black lava fill.
I'm just going for a non-specific industrial ruin look. I'm doing the whole army like this. 

The power fist on the Helbrute is a little stubby for my taste, so I modded it to have longer claw fingers. You can see the severed fingers on the left. The new fingers are the horns from one of the CSM heads on the accessory/champion sprue. It actually the same head that I used for the Helbrute's head-swap. I really like the longer claw look.
Future plans include adding a Slaanesh icon somewhere on the model. Not sure where at this point. Also, I am looking at that multi-melta and I think I could saw it off and leave a generic weapon mount there that could accept various weapons. I know people like to magnetize, but for things like this pins work just as well for me.


  1. It looks great and I love the corrugated styrene on the base.

  2. Oh, I love the idea of using those horns for claws...I may have to steal that! And I wanted to put a different head in too, so mine may end up looking a little similar...when I get to it!


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