Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weekly Hobby Group - Really Small Minis and Nearly Done Kroot-a-saurus?

Kell Bailoch towers over the tiny hordes of 1980
Seth and Jimmy were in attendance for last night's weekly hobby bonanza. Coffee was consumed.

In the true spirit of hobby ADD, I dug out a 31 year old game I have stashed in the basement and decided to base its 40 minis. Super-double-kudos if anyone can figure out from the photo what the game is. They are really nice 15mm sculpts, and I plan on channeling my inner NSA to try and paint them.
Kroot-a-saurus really needed knee pads
Jimmy put even more work in on Kroot-a-saurus. It's getting quite armored now. I seriously wonder if it's close to completion, or if Jimmy will just keep adding things until the original dinosaur toy is entirely obscured. (Kidding!)

Seth continued work on his FW Chaos Dwarfs. He's trying to get a recipe for the red armor that he likes, including how to blend to the shade colors. It's looking really good! I really should get a picture of WIP some day.

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  1. Ha. Joke's on you. Your "inner NSA" will procrastinate so much they'll never be done!

    Also, your "outer" NSA may like 15mm, but he's stumped as to what game those are from... I'm not even sure of their genre, but I assume they're sci-fi?

    Kroot-a-saurus is a pretty nutty project, and it'll look fun when it's done. Kind of a fusion between WH40K and "Dino-Riders".


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