Friday, September 30, 2011

First Stab At 15mm SciFi

Does this guy scream 1980 scifi or what?
I am not displeased at how this power armored soldier turned out. He's about 14mm from feet to top of head, so I'm critiquing my performance accordingly. Of course I picked white for his scheme. I mean if you are going to try a new scale, why not pick a color you have historically struggled with, am I right?

The arms on this sculpt are mysterious. They don't seem to have hands, and all I can assume is that the length from elbow to terminus conceals a hand underneath. Some of the other sculpts for the game have exquisitely sculpted hands, so I can guess it's all by design.

So one down, thirty-nine to go! Only twelve of the forty are similar to this fellow. Of the others, twenty-two are far more human looking (militia) and another six are wearing a lighter armor (planetary guard.)


  1. I keep wanting to go whole hog on 15mm sci-fi, just haven't gotten around to it just yet. This trooper looks very good, I don't recognize the sculpt though. Got a rules set in mind?

  2. Very nice! He reminds me a little of the red guy from "Wizards", if you ever saw that film. So very 80's (if not late-70's), that... Anyway, a great start at 15mm!


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