Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tiny Dudes with Tiny Guns

I have decided that 28mm is too easy, and so I am painting some 15mm sci-fi minis. I painted some at lunch today, although I can't say I covered a lot of real estate in an hour. Giant 28mm fig included in the pic for scale. I can't even imagine what painting 54mm must be like. I'm not sure I even own brushes that big!

More to come, if I can overcome my basic lethargy. I'm still keeping the name of the game my little secret (like anybody cares) in the hopes that someone might stumble upon my pics and have an "ah ha!" moment.

Oh, and the first person to lecture me about size of mini not making painting any easier officially unlocks both the "tl;dr" and "fail sarcasm" achievements on my blog.


  1. Different scales are always fun to compare. I put a Black Reach Marine up against some epic stuff a while back:

  2. I know right - it's too easy to paint eyes when they are SCULPTED FOR YOU. If you want a challenge, paint eyes (properly shaded of course) on a flat surface! ;)

    ps. I would be Mik might know what game you are talking about.

  3. OMG painting smaller stuff is TOTES easier! OK, kidding, obviously. It's easier, but also harder, as you have no doubt discovered. I think the best way to describe it is that I seem to paint in a very different style when I change scales...


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