Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One More Follower and I'm Giving Something Away

En Fuego, Baby!
I am at 99 followers now, and as I mentioned in a previous post, I plan on giving something away when I get to 100.  What am I giving away?  I haven't decided yet, but it will be something painted by me.  Exactly what will be dependent on the winner, since I want it to be something to match their faction/army/interest/whatever.

So here's the deal.  At some point during the day that I reach or exceed 100 followers I will capture the list and work with Auberoun over at The Digital Waaagh to randomly select a follower.  Yes, that means there may be over 100 entrants when I capture the list.  That's fine.  Anyway, I will communicate with the winner, I will decide what sort of prize would be good for that user and then I will prepare and send the prize at no expense to the winner.

In addition, to commemorate the centennial follower mark, I am going to prepare (at some point) a "100 follower" mini, to be passed on to a fellow blogger.  When that mini is done, I will make another post on how to entry that one.  The basic idea is that I pass this on to someone, and they pass it on to someone else when they reach 100 followers, and so on.

So here's your chance for something free.

Oh, some fine print.... I reserve the right to pick another winner if I pick you and you don't respond within a reasonable amount of time... like a few weeks.  Seriously, I'd if I'm going to give something away I'd like it to be to someone who actually pays a little attention.

EDIT:  Auberoun and I have selected a winner!  I have emailed the lucky follower (sorry if it wasn't you!) and will keep you all posted here.


  1. D'oh - congrats to whoever won! :)

  2. I'm not planning to "follow" your blog anytime soon. I think I'm an old fashioned follorwer, the one who hits the spot several times a week to find out new stuff instead of jumping in just wen some kind of space robot tells me you did something.

    Congrats to the winner and thanks for keeping up such an entertaining blog.

  3. Am I "following" you? I have a link on my site that shows your latest post... but I'm not sure exactly how this works. I guess I'm old, and fear technology ;)

  4. Shhhhh.... you'll wake up the space robot.

    (Did I say "overlord?" I meant "protector.")

  5. Sooo, if i win, can I repaint it. b/c I know it's gonna fall off your shelf and I also have some dog-bowl-goo remover here...


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