Friday, August 13, 2010

What Should I Give Away When I Get To 100 Followers?

As my follower count increases steadily over time, I am feeling inclined to give something away when I reach that magical, yet completely arbitrary, 100 follower threshold.

So, follower or browser, what do you think would be a reasonable gift for a random follower once I reach that mark?  Fruitcake?

Some new product would certainly be the easiest way to go for me, but it seems rather impersonal.  Perhaps a painted model or unit?  I think I have the chops to provide something nice for the winner.

What are your thoughts?

...and yes, Susan, I know I still owe you a Tardis.


  1. Something painted would be the best reward I think. Product anyone can buy, something you worked on would be one in a million.

  2. Dunno Rhellion,if the winner is another blogger, then they give away the fruitcake when they reach the 100 follower mark on their blog...

  3. Masta cheef has the nugget of an excellent idea there.

    A model, on a decent size base - some kind of explorer, or dare I say even a "rogue trader" :P when you hit a landmark (like your next century) you send him to a random follower, that follower keeps him till they hit thier next landmark - then they add thier name, the landmark and the date to the base and pass him on.

    He could be travelling forever :P

  4. In that case, I'm going to wait until I see 99 Followers before I officially Follow mwahahaha!!

  5. Although, I like Karitas idea best of all, that would be awesome.

  6. I'm really liking the "100 followers" pass-along item, but I don't want to limit this giveaway to just bloggers. Therefore, I declare that I will do both! When I reach 100 followers I will start another thread for bloggers with <100 followers and give the pass-along mini to a randomly selected poster. So I'm still open to ideas.

    @VENNgeance, I would give the prize to a random follower, not the 100th follower.