Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Lunch-Hour Games for Novices

My workplace has recently exploded with tabletop wargamers.  I find myself engaged in lunch-hour battles a few times a week now.  And I am pleased.

The problem becomes how large a game to play in the roughly one hour we have to work with.  15 point Privateer Press games seem to work well.  They went somewhat long at first but we have become efficient enough to hit the hour mark pretty close now.  The problem is 40k.  500 point games are about all we can manage in an hour, and the primary players are Space Marines and 'nids.  At 500 points, 'nids get repeatedly beaten by a simple FOC of 2 tactical squads + captain.  If nids go for beefy marine killing assault units, they take a beating in the shooting phase.  If the nids go for weak models in numbers, there aren't enough to overcome the no-save shooting and still make a difference in assault.  Mixes haven't helped either.  Every game ends up with both tactical squads in cc with the hive tyrant, and eventually even the tyrant gets beat down.

So, inveterate 40k players, what point range gets nids in a competitive range against equivalent marines?  Alternately, is there a 500 pt list that our 'nid player could field that would work better?

And although it really doesn't match the post well, I just had to put the happy Agonizer pic in.


  1. If the nids are getting pounded by shooting maybe you are using too little terrain.

    The real problem is that the 40k rules break down in games under 750/1000 points.

    One suggestion I would give is to use the Kill Team rules from the Battle Missions book. Then just up the points to 500.