Monday, July 26, 2010

Blood Ravens Chapter Symbols (4th ed. style)

When I first started painting Blood Ravens I took the design of the chapter symbol from the 4th Ed. Space Marines codex. The logo there varies a bit from the the Marines in Dawn of War, but I didn't realize that until quite a bit later. I've stuck with this version, as have some other painters I've seen. Here is a quick guide to how I paint them. I am purposefully using a less-than-perfect example to show that this can be done in one pass, somewhat imprecisely and still have a good overall effect.
Start with a vertical black line approximately one third the height of the shoulder pad, centered vertically.  From a point two thirds up on the line, paint two more lines at 45 degrees upward to the same final height.
Paint a line from the tip of each outer point going 45 degrees downward.  The bottom point should be right around or slightly below where the original upward line diverged from the central line.  Paint two small feather lines parallel to the first on each side.
Broaden the body from the bottom of the vertical line to where the innermost feathers meet the wing line.  Paint a small circle for the head and extend the line for the beak.  Paint a grouping of five small lines for the tail feathers.
Use blood red to place the blood drop in the center of the symbol.  You will need to put more than one coat on to get good color, as blood red does not cover black in one coat typically.
The final version, although not perfectly symmetric, is clearly a Blood Ravens symbol, and looks pretty good contrasted against the bone field of the shoulder pad.

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