Thursday, July 22, 2010

Magnetic Putty Conversions?

I am intrigued about the "Magnetic Thinking Putty" over at  How strongly magnetic is it?  Would it mix with two part epoxy putty and create magnetic sculpting material?  Could the magnetic particles be extracted and used with epoxy putty?  It is just iron filings in silly putty?

I can't really think of a good use for magnetic putty in conversions (assuming you could get it to harden) but I'm thinking there's gotta be something.

Ideas anyone?

EDIT:  I bought some.  It's fun, but useless for conversion potential.


  1. Well it would wipe out the need for Rare Earth Magnets, or at the very least, we wouldn't need to use them on small things like wrist joints (that are less than 5mm across).

  2. I would think if you could get it to harden it would replace some of the current magnet uses. I'm thinking about 40k weapon slots on the vehicles. It might be easier to get custom fits with this than just a magnet.

    I think in the past I've had dwarves with great weapons also carry a hand weapon/shield as an option to the great weapon, it might be neat to have detachable shields on the model as an indicator if they are carrying it or not.

    Last thought... making model bases magnetic with this vs a magnet would work out better in two ways. Having it as a putty you could fill the odd gaps in a base and make it flush. Also, you might avoid the models moving due to polarity differences.

    It gives options, but I don't see it as essential yet.

  3. Make a real hovering tau suit?