Thursday, March 31, 2011

Failure To Plan: Missing Crystal Brush #1

I am a bit miffed at myself. When I first heard about the Crystal Brush painting competition and its $10,000 grand prize I decided to go to Adepticon to compete. Not because I had any delusions of winning, mind you... I just wanted to be part of the moment (so to speak) and to see what would undoubtedly be some world class miniatures.

Instead, I will be sitting home, voting for my favorite entry via CMON, and merely wishing I was there. Perhaps I will employ some sort of food-based solace.

I still plan on going to Chicago for Games Day and hopefully incrementing my Golden Demon count. Maybe I should focus this weekend on getting those entries closer to completion. Or maybe I'll just sit around and read the Malifaux rulebook. So many choices.

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