Monday, February 07, 2011

Protectorate Goes 0/3

Okay, remember when I said I am a terrible general?  Well, this weekend I proved it with gusto.  Game Day over at Brian's house was an unmitigated success for everyone who faced off against my Protectorate army.  In three 25 point games I managed to lose to Khador, Cygnar and Legion.  My singular mistake, which I never seem to learn from, is that I put my warcaster too close to danger.

Battle 1 was against Khador.  I was actually doing pretty well for a while, taking out a Marauder with my Reckoner and doing some damage to Torch with my Redeemer.  I should have used Severius' feat immediately before this photo, because Torch got loaded up with focus and scrapped the poor little light 'jack.
Battle 2 vs. Cygnar was a lesson in Cygnar shooting.  eKreoss was around the corner from Kara Sloan and her pet Defender, but they still managed to get some amazing shooting off and take him down in a single turn.  Ouch.

Battle 3 was against Legion.  The "take away" from that was "no matter how scary Typhon is, the Carnivean can still eat you if you let him."

All in all, fun.  I imagine it's fun if you win, too.

In other news, it's snowy here and looks kind of pretty.

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